About Us

Here in Aqaba – Jordan, we choose to establish our factory to extend our 30 years of German experience in the production of photovoltaic panels. We transfer the knowledge and the production line of WIOSUN brand to help our very promising market in Middle East as well as WIOSUN valued customers worldwide. The company is located at a highly supportive economic zone in Aqaba city where the crossroad of three continents.

Our Brand WIOSUN® was founded by Willi Bihler, a solar technology pioneer entrepreneur (Solarzentrum Allgäu KG) and inventor. Although WIOSUN brand was founded in 2009, our experience was awarded with the national German prize in 2008 and later on in 2012 for outstanding innovative achievement for the trade.

We are your specialist for manufacturing, sales, planning, maintenance and installation of photovoltaic and combined systems.

Other than providing high-quality and innovative products, there is nothing more important to us than serving our customers!

Our Services

• Consulting Priority is given to extensive consultation which is essential for such a complex and costly investment. Our showrooms offer the possibility to obtain a comprehensive picture of the fields of application of photovoltaic.

• Profit forecast and calculation of profitability We would be glad to calculate a profit forecast based on building conditions (location, roof pitch, direction, shading, feed-in situation, etc.), local radiation values, de­sired PV components (modules, inverters) for every interested person. As a result, amongst other things, it is easy to identify at what point the desired PV system is expected to pay for itself, and what level of additional profit can be generated.

The solar park on conversion area with 9.69 MW located in the south of Germany, Bayern about 14 km west of Landsberg am Lech city. The specific annual yield is in the long-term on average of 1068 kWh / kWp according to the yield reports. The overall installations for the Park were 51000 pieces WIOSUN B installed 190 M with 190 watts, 250 in series to each 204 modules. The elevated mounting is rammed, 2 jamb design, 25 ° slope to the south. 500 Refusol 20 K inverters were used. Cabling is under the panels in a closed stainless steel support rail. Modules and inverters 10 years basic guaranteed, and modules 25 years at 80% of the original performance guaranteed. Warranty is according to the manufacturer conditions.

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